Top WPX Hosting Competitors for Managed WordPress Hosting 2023

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In the cold, minimalist, and rigid world of WordPress Hosting, it’s a breath of fresh air to visit a provider’s site that is lush with warm colors, welcoming graphics, and rounded designs. WPX Hosting takes a favorably friendlier approach in its Managed WordPress Hosting services – all while boasting of their high speed, effective customer support, and quality features for the price you pay for. 

In the research we’ve done, we’ve scoured across many different hosting services that offer a low introductory cost as their major selling point, however, WPX gives a blunt, non-changing price and instead attempts to sell us on their quality of service and features. So, does it work? And how does that stack against the competition? Those are exactly the questions we aim to answer as we look at and discuss the WordPress hosting plans WPX offers and all the hosting plans from WPX hosting alternatives.

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  1. What is WPX Hosting? All Features At One Price!
  2. Is WPX Right For You? Or WPX Hosting Alternatives?
  3. Ease Of Use Sound Like What You Need? Then Dreamhost is Your Target
  4. Need Tons Of Customization Options? Then Look Towards WP Engine
  5. Need Tens Or Even Hundreds Of Websites At A Low Cost? Try Hostinger
  6. Kinsta Is A Premium Service, But For Premium Prices
  7. Does WPX’s Competition Stand Out?
  8. FAQs

What Is WPX Hosting? All Features At One Price!

At its core, WPX Hosting is a Managed Hosting service for WordPress websites that offers WordPress hosting plans and additional features at one bundled cost. The main draw is that they include services that would normally be considered “extra” or “premium” with other hosting companies, which means you don’t have to juggle which features you want or what might be worth upgrading for.

WPX Hosting has three different price tiers, Business, Professional, and Elite. Surprisingly, every tier gives the user access to all the features WPX offers, and the higher cost plans increase your WordPress website’s storage, bandwidth, CPU cores, and the number of websites you can host. 

Business tier is $20.83.month (or $249.99/year), and gives you 5 websites at 1GB of RAM per site, 15GB of storage, and 1 CPU core. Their most popular is the Professional tier, which costs $41.58/month (or $499/year) and triples the number of websites you can host (15 WordPress sites), as well as double the storage (30GB), bandwidth (400GB) and CPU cores (2). Elite goes a step further and increases your site number to 35, gives users unlimited Bandwidth, and increases storage to 60GB.

Is WPX For You? Or WPX Hosting Alternatives?

WPX Hosting is best for small-to-mid-sized businesses that are seeking to save on the costs of additional security, support, and maintenance services that may be necessary in the future. Websites do not always work the way we want them to, and those cautious about problems arising will find WPX to be a clean fit for them.   

WPX Hosting Alternatives might have to come into play if you plan on using a website for personal needs or small-scale operations. There are also other hosting alternatives that provide Managed WordPress hosting for cheaper but may not have as many features readily available. 

We will go into more detail about different Managed hosting services in competition to WPX below, but the best choices for reliable hosting, albeit with different selling points, are Dreamhost, WP Engine, Hostinger, and Kinsta.

WPX Hosting Main Ideas:

WPX is best for small or mid-sized businesses that don’t want to fret about extras and add-ons to tack on later. Dreamhost, WP Engine, Hostinger, and Kinsta are the best WPX Hosting alternatives.

Ease Of Use Sound Like What You Need? Then Dreamhost Is Your Target

Dreamhost is a popular choice for both veteran and newbie webmasters for years because of its accessibility in both pricing and usability. They don’t boggle you down with too many confusing add-ons and keep things clean and simple. Their Managed WordPress services are offered as Dreampress, which is more costly than shared of course but allows users to focus more on their website’s content than building the site itself. 

However, the plans only cover one website, so it’s only worth it if you focus on making one main website instead of multiple. 

Dreampress Is Dreamhost’s Branded Managed WordPress Service:

Dreamhost has three different Managed WordPress plans called Dreampress, which only vary on storage amount, level of support, and access to Jetpack, a third-party service for additional features. Each plan has all the same features and drawbacks,  

The basic plan is called Dreampress costs $19.95/month ($16.95 for the first year) and gives users 30GB of SSD storage, Phone Service callbacks (subject to availability), and the free version of Jetpack. Dreamhost estimates it can handle about 100,000 monthly visitors with its specs.

Dreampress Plus is $28.99/month and upgrades you to 60GB SSD Storage, the Professional version of Jetpack, and up to three callbacks for phone support. This tier can handle up to 300,000 monthly visitors, while Dreampress Pro is all the above, except it comes with 120GB SSD Storage and can handle 1 million monthly users. 

Each plan has unmetered bandwidth, SSL certificates pre-installed, access to their WordPress Website builder, free website migrations, and, at the higher tiers, unlimited CDN via Jetpack.

Their support is slightly limited in its smaller plans, but support is 24/7 via email, and will even do callbacks on the more pricy options.

Versus WPX?

Dreamhost’s Dreampress as a WPX hosting alternative is only one website per plan, so the cost is low because you’d have to invest all its resources into one site (unless you want to buy multiple plans). Its services are solid, and its features lean on ease of use. If you really wanted to save, their Shared plans can go lower than $3/month, but that would sacrifice all the Managed services, so it depends on how much leg work you plan on putting in. 

Overall, Dreamhost is a great WPX hosting alternative if you only need one site and want the hosting company to do most of the complex stuff behind the scenes. However, in terms of support if things go wrong, from our experience WPX support is some of the best in the hosting industry. They have proven to be always knowledgeable and available, so if that is something that might be worth it even if you don’t need multiple sites, that could be a topic to consider. 

Dreamhost Main Ideas:

Dreampress takes most of the pressure off of the user, but only if they have one site in mind. WPX is a better option if multiple sites are needed, but Dreamhost will take care of most of the legwork for your single site. 

Need Tons of Customization Options? Then Look Towards WP Engine 

WP Engine is a web hosting service that offers an array of features and services for businesses looking to take their online presence to the next level. With WP Engine, you get access to powerful tools and resources designed to help your website run faster, smoother, and more securely.

The variety of services WP Engine offers is actually fairly comparable to Dreamhost for Managed Hosting, and around the same price no less. Dreamhost has more impressive technical specs, but WP Engine has more site-building content, as well as the ability to manage multiple sites with single plans. 

Add-Ons and Features To Mix-And-Match

One thing about WP Engine that stands out, particularly is its high variety of optional add-ons for features such as plug-in management, additional security, or an expanded toolkit for website building. If your angle is to have as much flexibility in codeless site-building as possible, WP Engine could be the right choice for any small-to-medium business.

There are four main Managed WordPress plans along with a Custom Managed WordPress option for larger enterprises. Most of the plans share the main features, such as free SSL and SSH, an integrated CDN, daily on-demand backups, a free automated migration plugin, and the options to add on GeoTarget, Genesis Pro, SOC 2 level security, a free SSL certificate and site monitoring.

Service Plans Compared to WPX Hosting

The basic plan is Startup, which includes one website, 10GB of local storage, 50GB of bandwidth a month, and can handle 25,000 visits per month. The next is Professional, which includes 3 sites, 15GB of local storage, 125GB of monthly bandwidth, and covers 75,000 visits per month. 

If you’re making websites that you expect to grow quickly, there are the Growth and Scale options, which provide much higher monthly bandwidth limits (200GB and 500GB respectively) and can handle traffic from 100,000 visits (Growth) to 400,000 visits (Scale). 

WP Engine is less cost-effective than WPX in terms of the amount of bandwidth and storage you get for your site for the price point but would be the better alternate hosting provider if you need lots of customization features when it comes to designing your site.

WP Engine Main Points:

WP Engine works best if you like having plenty of site builder options and add-ons to customize your package. It can get pricy depending on how much you want to add on, but is the average price without the extras, albeit with less bandwidth and storage than competitors.

Need Tens or Even Hundreds Of Websites At A Low Cost? Try Hostinger

Sometimes we don’t have the budget to get all the bells and whistles that some services have, but also sometimes we can use a cheap paintbrush to paint a masterpiece. Hostinger does its best to provide hosting at a lower cost by keeping monthly costs lower than most of its competition in the hosting industry.

Don’t let the price fool you, however, since a high-performance fully Managed WordPress site at about $4 a month is nothing to sneeze at.

A Lot For A Little For Your Website

Hostinger is more on the bare-bones side of web hosting, with all the basics covered without anything too fancy. It has a website builder, access to multiple data centers for higher speeds, a free SSL certificate per plan, free website migration, and 24/7 support.  

Although they do lack the facilities and power behind the other web hosting alternatives, it certainly makes up for it with the sheer number of websites you can run for an extremely low cost. Hostinger also offers a generous amount of SSD storage and bandwidth, so the sites are sturdy and ready for any spikes in traffic you might experience.

Despite the storage and bandwidth benefits, Hostinger is made cheap because it’s built for personal use or small businesses (with their most expensive option possible for medium businesses). Pricing-wise it’s still a good deal as far as Managed web hosting goes, but issues mostly come with scalability if you’re business grows too large. 

How Many Websites Do You Need? (If It’s 100, Look Here)

Hostinger has four main Managed WordPress hosting plans, Single WordPress, WordPress Starter, Business WordPress, and WordPress Pro, with the most popular being the WordPress Starter plan. Its regular rate is $6.99/month (but starts at $2.99) and comes with 100GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, up to 100 websites, a free domain, 1GB of RAM, a multisite plugin, unlimited database, 100 subdomains, and a cache manager. 

Whether it holds up as a proper alternative to WPX Web Hosting depends on the number of websites needed. If you’re looking to host several sites, Hostinger is the clear better choice, whereas if you’re looking to run 5-10 sites, then WPX could be more worth your while. It’s a true quality-over-quantity comparison between the two! 

Hostinger Main Points:

Hostinger is inexpensive, sturdy, and can host up to 100 websites for less than $10/month. However, it is more bare-bones and is not built with major scalability in mind.

Kinsta Is Premium Service, But For Premium Prices!

Kinsta is one of the most costly options with hosting with a higher starting rate than most. Additionally, it offers several add-ons that can tack on quite a bit extra per month. However, similar to WPX Hosting, some of the additional “add-on” type features are also included in the base cost, such as CDN, Advanced caching, and CDN services.

The price is backed up by the claim of increased page speed, response time, and decreases in load time due to the global network of data centers Kinsta has installed. Kinsta also has full-service customer support for all of its plans and the plans are multi-site.

Features Worth The Price

Kinsta provides users with an array of features including automatic backups, free SSL certificates, staging environments for testing new changes before pushing them live, advanced caching technology for faster page loads, daily malware scans to keep your site safe from malicious attacks, and even premium site migration services.

The target audience Kinsta seeks are people who are serious to invest in their website or business. Their plans range from one-website plans to high-level enterprise plans, so users could sink thousands of dollars into their services if their business is large enough. 

Kinsta’s plans begin at Starter ($35/month) or Pro ($70/month), then go up to Business 1-4 and are highest from Enterprise 1-4. The most popular plan is Business 1 ($155/month), which is bundled with 5 WordPress sites, 100,000 monthly visits bandwidth, 30GB of SSD storage, 400GB of CDN, 3 premium site migrations, 4 PHP workers, and 14 days of backup retention.

The Overall Verdict

Although the stats seem about average, they are boosted by their tools, analytics, renowned customer support, security (Firewall DDoS protection, SSL management/support, HTTP/3 support, SFTP/SSH Protocols, and a Malware Security Pledge), and proven speed results from their industry-leading CPU servers and CDN. The biggest drawback is again, the price, but if WPX Hosting seems too low-cost for what you are looking for, then certainly you should consider Kinsta.

Kinsta Main Ideas:

Kinsta is the costliest of the WPX hosting alternatives, but is industry-leading in its speed, security, and customer support. If you have the cash to invest and you’re serious about your business website, they will be your ideal choice.

Does WPX’s Competition Stand Out?

No single web hosting provider is suitable for all types of websites, so it’s essential to assess the features, security, and storage solutions offered by each competitor before selecting one. WPX is a great service for mid to even large-sized businesses, especially if hassling with plugins, additional features and billing adjustments isn’t your cup of tea. 

If this doesn’t appeal to your goals, that’s where the competition comes in. Dreamhost is pretty close to what WPX offers, however, it focuses more on single websites than multiple. If your Achilles heel is the site design itself, WP Engine has a multitude of themes and customization add-ons to give you that freedom. If cost is your main concern, then Hostinger can give you the most for the least money. If the opposite is true, then Kinsta would be your best bet for top-of-the-line quality hosting. 

Your personal or business budget, plan, and goals are the best way to discover what hosting service is right for you, but at the end of the day, as long as your site is live, you are one step closer to achieving what you need!

Overall Article Summary:

WPX Hosting stands out against its competition with its stellar customer service, all-in-one plans and impressively unique vision for web hosting. If you’re looking to invest for a larger business, Kinsta could be a better choice. However, if you are on a tighter budget, Hostinger is a great alternative. Dreamhost and WP Engine work at similar levels as WPX but with emphasis on different features.


What Is WPX Hosting?

WPX Hosting is a managed WordPress hosting provider founded in 2013 by Tyler Kyle and Georgi Petrov. that offers high-performance servers with reliable uptime and security features. It also provides an easy-to-use dashboard with plenty of options for customizing your site. They have received recognition for their overall hosting services, customer support, and SEO support.

How much does WPX Hosting cost?

The cost varies on the hosting plan, of which there are three options: Business ($20.83/month), Professional ($41.58/month), or Elite (83.25/month). Each plan supports multiple websites, so the overall cost will depend on how many websites you are planning to host. The cost per month is fixed, as there are no add-ons or additional fees as all the features are included in each plan.

Does WPX Hosting offer Shared Hosting options?

No, WPX hosting is not shared. It offers dedicated server solutions with high performance and unlimited resources to ensure that customers get the best possible experience when it comes to web hosting. WPX offers a selection of packages that are tailored to your specific requirements and provides robust security for your website’s information.