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FrontLook AI Writer

Our FrontLook AI Writer is in Beta now! Click here to sign-up for a Free trial.

FrontLook AI Writer now in Beta!

The FrontLook AI Writer is an AI-enhanced article writing environment.
It enables you to perform many types of writing tasks much faster without writer’s block!

FrontLook AI Writer Specs:

  • Support for over 14 types of writing tasks with over 70 AI Writer prompts to choose from, such as Blog Articles, Newsletters, video scripts, sales, copy, and more. 
  • Enter a prompt of what you are looking for the AI to write for you.
  • Some AI Writers provide multiple written versions for your consideration.
  • New Image Generator feature to create unique stock photos and illustrations.
  • 22 Writer tones. E.g., Professional, Persuasive, Conversation, and more.
  • Creativity slider to adjust the degrees of creativity.
  • Inline editor with basic Web styling and AI rewriting of selected text.
  • 13 Languages. / Word count indicator.
  • Ability to add images from the clipboard or image generator inline.

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